Acquisitions and Financing

Rockford’s approach to targeted acquisitions utilizes extensive underwriting, location analysis, detailed market research and comprehensive financial modeling. We draw on our extensive local knowledge and market interaction as well as utilize our decades old vertical relationships in the real estate field when selecting new undertakings. Our purchasing model focuses primarily on value added opportunities where we rely on our vast experience to develop a significant Rockford vision for the asset. As one of the largest privately owned New York City groups, no project is too big and no deal too small to become a Rockford undertaking. We pride ourselves on seeing vision in an asset where many would see none.

Development & Construction

Rockford’s hands on approach to construction and development lend itself to an efficient and on target project. We know from our decades of experience that the majority of projects are heavily delayed and VASTLY over budget because of lack of oversight. A Rockford endeavor draws on its full team of development management professionals and seamless communication to deliver on time and on budget. We manage every step of the development and construction process including: forecasting, contracts, contractor supervision, purchasing and deadlines. Our construction management personnel and development managers draw on their extensive experience and seamless communication to see a project through on time, on budget from start to finish.

Property Management

Whether it is a Rockford property or a third party property, our approach to management is the same: integrity & efficiency. With over a century of combined management experience we know a good investment is an efficient one. Our managers interact with their building assignment on a daily basis enabling them to be proactive in dealing with any new developments or potential issues. The vast majority of mismanaged assets stem from lazy management and managers that prefer to treat issues after the fester. Rockford’s attention and proactive management style treats your building like it is our own.