Rockford Holdings group looks for value added commercial residential assets in New York City. Rockford’s acquisition process starts with extensive underwriting, market research, financial forecasting and multiple outcome projecting used to assess a deal’s viability. Should a property be selected and identified for acquisition, Rockford Holdings Group will look to appropriate the asset with a beneficial debt/equity structure. Our company recognizes the value added of an asset and will work diligently to bring an asset to its full value. Our post acquisition management, renovation, marketing or redevelopment is employed so that our portfolio is producing at maximum value. Peak performance is usually followed by a capital event that allows healthy company cash flow and portfolio expansion.

Rockford’s vertically integrated company structure provides for in house: acquisition underwriting, financial projections, investor reporting, investor relations, property management and ground up development. We are made up of a team of experienced real estate professionals with backgrounds that include investment, management and risk control.

Whether it is a ground up development, a multi-unit rehab or a mixed use retail deal Rockford Holdings Group’s weighs heavily on the same governing factors:




Our most important governing factor is property vision. Our strategy is not to buy other people’s vision, but believe in and apply our own. In the oversaturated New York City commercial market, we feel our edge is in recognizing a vision where others see none.



Neighborhood & Community

We believe community and neighborhood play as important a role in a property as any other deal point. Our philosophy is to deploy funds in neighborhoods and communities that we believe in.



Management & Expense

We know that a Rockford managed building outperforms any other. We put our stock in our managing personnel and believe that our management skills and attention to expenses can boost a mediocrely performing asset to an outperforming asset.



Multiple Outcomes

We know that unforeseen factors affect any well planned out and strategized project, therefore we plan for them. A Rockford undertaking will always be planned with our governing philosophy “proper preparation prevents poor performance”. While some groups will allow every fluctuation or market event to dictate their company health, our multiple outcomes planning affords Rockford long term stability and success.